“Hacky” 4th of July! | Fourth of July Hacks

1) Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Banner

  Here’s what you need: cardboard, scissors, a hole puncher, R, W, and B markers, and ribbon. Step 1, Cut the cardboard into 7 triangles. Step 2, hole punch 2 holes(1 on each corner) Step 3, With the markers write “HAPPY ♦ 4th”(you can replace the diamond for a star) Step 4, decorate each triangle. Step 5, thread the ribbon through the holes and hang up!

2) Real Red, White, and Blue Flowers

  Here’s what you need: 3 REAL white flowers, water, 2 jars, and red & blue food coloring. Step 1, Fill both jars half way with water. Step 2, place as many drops of red in one jar, and as many of blue in the other(the more drops the darker) Step 3, snip the ends of the flowers. Step 4, place one flower in each jar(leave one flower in a vase with NO coloring) Step 5, wait until the flower pedals have changed color then place in the vase with the white flower and enjoy!

for more life hacks check out my YouTube channel: AJD.04


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